I am a studio jeweller based in Bendigo, Australia who has been developing his craft for over twenty-five years. I have a fully equipped home workshop and complete all of my designs there. While over the years I have sold my work largely in galleries, I am currently selling by word-of-mouth and commissions, although I am represented in the Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing Gallery in Shropshire, England.

I have exhibited widely in Australia with other jewellers and artists, and as a solo exhibitor. My work has been sold in many Australian Art Galleries, including those in Melbourne, Mildura, Ballarat, Bendigo,Hanndorf, Kyneton and Inverloch.

I create unique and limited-edition pieces in sterling silver, gold and titanium. In particular, I utilise a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones, fossilised stones (including volcanic lava and dinosaur bone), fossilised coral and wood, early plastics such as bakelite, and space-age plastics such as polyurethane resin.

I am currently exploring the techniques of enameling on copper and silver, including that of cloisonne and champleve.

My work reflects a particular interest in design, including the visual arts, the art and craft movement, the Art Deco period, industrial design and architecture. I am fascinated by the power and visual dynamism of repetition which is often reflected in my work.

Individual pieces exemplify my belief in the importance of simplicity of design, wearability, durability and a highly professional finish.

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